Leitz Phone 2 5G 12GB/512GB, Leica White (Japan Version)

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The Leica camera experience in a smartphone

Introducing the Leitz Phone 2 to the Japanese market, the smartphone combines uncompromising quality and outstanding optics with iconic design and innovative photographic options. Reduced to the essentials, the Leitz Phone 2 lets you fully concentrate on what matters most when taking pictures – capturing your personal moments in excellent photographic quality.

Heir to a legend
The Leitz Phone 2 bears the name of a visionary and our company founder. It also pays tribute to the innovative thinking and actions of his son Ernst Leitz II, who revolutionised the world of photography in 1924 by introducing the first 35 mm camera. Leitz Phone 2 shares in this same proud legacy. It is based on the power to innovate and a tradition of enduring values that have lasted for over a century. The Leitz Phone 2 remains true to this philosophy and marks another high point among the many milestones of the Leica brand.

Iconic design
One look reveals the origins of the Leitz Phone 2 – and that tradition is just as noticeable on the inside. With its high-quality materials and intelligent details in the design, it masters all the challenges of everyday life.

Photography, as intuitive as making a phone call
Every camera from Leica embodies our passion for excellent photographic quality. The same applies to the camera in the Leitz Phone 2. It is based on over a century of pioneering optical know-how, lens design and signal processing. A century of unsurpassed engineering expertise for intuitive operation paired with detailed and lifelike imagery, especially for large prints.

It's all about the settings. Manual mode allows you to set every photographic parameter yourself. And to ensure that you’re always ready to shoot or film, you can choose to open the camera directly by pressing the power button twice – no matter what app or menu is currently open.

Ready for whatever the day brings
With a focal length of 19 mm, the fast, versatile and powerful lens offers breath-taking possibilities and plenty of freedom for image composition. With a fast f/1.9 lens, the Leitz Phone 2 can take clear shots with a high dynamic range and low image noise – even in low ambient light. With a 6-fold digital zoom on the main camera and an 8-fold continuously adjustable digital zoom on the selfie camera, the Leitz Phone 2 is as versatile and flexible as the moments you capture with it.

One inch, countless possibilities
A larger sensor captures more light. And more light captured means more details and more impressive shots. Our Leitz Phone 2 features the largest sensor ever in a smartphone. The 1-inch, 47.2 MP CMOS image sensor works hand-in-hand with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SM8450 processor to activate different sensor modes depending on the scene and environment. The result is brilliant quality that is unsurpassed in the smartphone industry – even in low lighting or with high-res images taken in high-resolution mode. The camera uses special pixels to set the autofocus and enable extremely fast photography that delivers sharp images in nearly any situation. Images can be saved in RAW or JPEG format.

Inspiration made by Leica
Always capture the best light for your photos – the Golden Hour widget, specially developed for the Leitz Phone 2, shows you the ideal time of day for a stunning atmosphere every day, based on your location.

The LFI widget, also specially designed for the Leitz Phone 2, continuously presents images from the Leica Fotografie International Gallery – our curated platform for Leica photographers worldwide. 

A large display that reacts to the smallest changes
The 6.6-inch OLED display made of Gorilla Glass is extremely robust and adaptable. Each pixel adapts to your image as it is displayed. It works without backlighting and reproduces the purest white, deepest black and all the facets in between – with incredible contrast and brilliance, even in bright sunlight. With its strong refresh rate, you experience content on your Leitz Phone 2 smoothly and without shakes. Life is jerky enough as it is.

An immersive Leica experience
The Leitz Phone 2 is a feel-good phone. All the fine details of the phone – visual, haptic and acoustic – are reminiscent of Leica cameras. With this phone, you encounter the same, specially designed Leica symbols and fonts, the familiar viewfinder frame in the preview, and the characteristic, yet discreet Leica shutter sound.

Designed for life
Rugged enough to survive life’s mishaps, the Leitz Phone 2 guards its valuable core and your important data. Its aluminium frame and Gorilla Glass display protect against bumps, drops and scratches. Its non-slip, knurled edge helps you avoid dropping it in the first place. Water and dust are safely repelled to IP68 and IP5X specifications. Your life dictates the rules. The Leitz Phone 2 reliably follows your lead.

Technical Data
Name: Leitz Phone 2
Category: Smartphone
Color: Leica White
Operating system: Android™ 12
Dimensions and weight: Around 161 x 77 x 9.3 mm (excluding protruding parts)/ About 21 1g
CPU: Snapdragon®2 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform
Octa-core 2.9 GHz + 1.7G Hz
Memory: 512 GB ROM, 12 GB RAM, microSDXC card (up to 1 TB)
Display: Screen 6.6-inch WUXGA+ (2,730 x 1,260 dot) Pro IGZO OLED
Main Camera: CMOS image sensor with 47.2-megapixel effective pixel count
Aperture: f/1.9
Focal length: 19 mm (35 mm format equivalent)
Front (selfie) camera: CMOS image sensor with 12.6-megapixel effective pixel count
Phase detection auto focus (PDAF) system
Aperture: f/2.3
Focal length: 27 mm (35 mm format equivalent)
Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Bluetooth: Version 5.2
Battery: capacity 5,000 mAh (built-in battery)
Waterproofing/ dustproofing ratings:
Biometric authentication: Face scan and fingerprint sensor
Other: features Mobile wallet /NFC
Manufacturer: Sharp Corporation

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