Planet Computers Car Mount Kit for Gemini/Cosmo Communicators

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Buy Planet Computers Car Mount Kit for Gemini/Cosmo Communicators

The car mount kit has been designed to enable you to take your Gemini on the road. It is comprised of a device holder and features three mounting options: ventilation grille clip; small dash stand; and a long gooseneck window mount – offering you the flexibility to install it the way you want.

The car mount kit allows for charging while the Gemini PDA device is mounted – so you can be sure you’ll always have enough power to be productive on the move.

The Gemini PDA is unique to the handset market and our backers have been requesting a custom-built mount kit since the Gemini launched back in 2017 – so we hope you like it!
Car mount kit for Gemini PDA. Includes device holder and 3 types of mounts: ventilation grille, small stand and long gooseneck mount. Includes shipping.
Items included:
  • Gemini/Cosmo PDA Car Mount Kit

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