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Zikto Walk Smart Band - Black - Wrist Size: S 120mm-165mm


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ZIKTO Walk provides a total care solution for your correct posture and balanced figure by correcting your walking habits.

It is better than Fitbit and it's the next Smart Band!


Walking Posture Adjustment

*ZIKTO Walk gently vibrates on your wrist when it detects bad walking posture, including looking at a smartphone, hunching your back and striking the ground too hard.

Activity Tracker

*ZIKTO Walk calculates steps taken and distance traveled, to calories burned and hours slept.

Call/SMS Notification

*Don't miss important calls or messages! ZIKTO Walk gently alerts you when you get a call or message.

Body Balance Analysis

*ZIKTO Walk detects body balance by comparing the swing of both arms. It can also determine which part of your body is imbalanced and recommend exercises to make improvements.

*Requirement : Android 4.3 or Above / iOS 8.0 or Above / Bluetooth 4.0(BLE)


Interchangeable Strap
*Interchangeable straps bring a vast array of choice, catering to your personal style.
Silicon Strap / Leather Strap / MOREE Braided Strap

Phantom LED Displays
*119 micro-punctures in the face delivers a stunning aluminum LED Display, ensures water resistances and maintains the sleek look of the device.

Beautiful Asymmetry
*The asymmetric aluminum top promises the better angle to view the display.


Color  Black (ZIKTO WALK), Black (Silicon Strap)
Wrist Size  Small : 120 -165mm (4.7"-6.5") / Large : 150-210mm(5.9"-8.2")
Device Size  Device Size : 13.58mm x 47.33mm x 11.05mm (W x L x H)
Material  Device : Anodized Aluminium, PC / Strap : Silicon
Display  Phantom LED Display
Battery  50mAh Lithium polymer, 2 hours of charging via Micro USB
Battery Life  3~5 days (Depending on usage)
Water Resistance  Water Resistant (NO SHOWER or SWIMMING)
O/S  iOS 8 and above / Android 4.3 and above
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Country of Manufacture

 South Korea

Stop Walking. Start Walking Right.

Walking with right posture is the key factor to change your body.

Not the distance you walked, nor time you spent.

ZIKTO Walk gives a gentle reminder with a vibration on your wrist. when you have bad walking posture,

such as looking at a smartphone, putting hands in pockets, or hunching your back and etc.

You can monitor your walking postures, scores and progresses on downloaded app.

Walk Right. Feel Balanced.

If you are having a back pain even after exercising, check your posture first.

ZIKTO Walk detects your body balance by comparing the swings of left and right arms. It tells you which part of body is out of shape and recommends a workout routine to get your balance back. Of course, you can check your body balance score and personalized workout routines on downloaded app.

Walk. Run. Sleep Right.

ZIKTO Walk tracks everything from steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned to hours slept. You can monitor your daily activities and analyze weekly/monthly trends on downloaded app.

Stay in Touch Anywhere, Anytime.

Don`t miss your important calls or messages anymore.

ZIKTO Walk gives you a vibration on your wrist when you get a new call or message.


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