The Huawei P50 Pro is on our hands now! | PDAPlaza Canada

Despite the long wait since the last model, the new Huawei P50 Pro makes the wait worth it!

The P50 Pro's camera is an upgrade over previous Huawei-owned cameras in most areas, especially when it comes to zoom. With newly developed XD Fusion Pro Ultra Clear Image Engine Collective computer optics technology that works with two primary colour lenses in the camera, the Huawei P50 Pro provides 10.3% more light than the P40 Pro. With a precise white balance in all images, the primary colour engine of the phone is integrated into the new XD Fusion Pro Image Engine, a powerful multispectral sensor in the lower camera module.
The Huawei P50 Pro rear camera features a 13MP ultra-wide-screen camera with f / 2.2 aperture, a 64MP periscope telephoto lens with f / 3.5 aperture and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) support. Images shown at the Huawei event showed that the P50 has four cameras that take up the majority of the rear of the forthcoming Huawei P50 smartphone, with the Leica branding becoming an integral part of the series. With a P50 pro on the scale of the above specifications, it is clear that the camera is a priority for Huawei, and the company has been leaking more and more with each P50 series.
There is no getting away from the fact that a member of the P50 series is painted in sparkling pink, which makes for one of the more unusual surfaces we have seen on any Huawei phone. A rendering of the Huawei P50 Pro, which appeared in the embedded tweet thanks to Hoilndi, shows three cameras, with the TOF sensor on the bottom element and the periscopic zoom camera on the top.
Its newest flagship phone for the Global market, the P50 and P50 Pro, is the company's first big phone to come to market with HarmonyOS, the Chinese company's mobile operating system - paired with Huawei's specialized camera hardware - including Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 888 processor model -. The Huawei P50 is the most powerful flagship of 2021 and offers some interesting details like the Huawei P50 in the form of a Snapdragon 8 88 SoC compatible with 4G networks and a revolutionary camera which we find on the technical datasheet of the phone.
The P50 Pros has all the top features, including advanced camera technology which is hard to find on flagship smartphones, a world-class processor, a high-quality OLED display and the highest DxOMark ratings you'll ever see.

Here are some pictures of one of the P50 Pro our technicians took: